Yannick Girault


Director, Cap numérique, Department of Economy and Finance

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Yannick Girault has worn many hats over the course of his 35-year career with the French Finance Department. He began at the income tax directorate, where he spent six years with the international cooperation development division, before going to the National School of Administration (ÉNA). Afterward, he led teams at the tax legislation and income tax departments.

After a two-year stint at the Canada Revenue Agency, he joined the tax administration unit of the French Public Finance Division and was called upon to create the new audit and oversight structure. Then, in 2013, he handled public relations for the Mission Stratégie project to digitize the public administration.

He was named Director, project manager and head of innovation for the national Cap Numérique service in 2016. As such, he guides the French public service’s digital evolution.

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