Jean-François Gagné

Element AI

CEO and co-founder

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An experienced entrepreneur, Jean-François Gagné founded and sold two artificial intelligence and operational research companies and was the IT investment spokesman for Global Affairs Canada. He is a highly sought-after expert for selling the benefits of AI.

As Head of Product Development and Head of Innovation at JDA Software, he was the youngest executive of any of the top 20 software businesses in its category.

Mr. Gagné and deep-learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio cofounded Element AI in October 2016. The product of joint research with top universities around the world, Element AI develops transformative large business applications. With an ecosystem spanning North America, Europe and Asia, Element AI has unmatched access to top business talent and world-class AI experts. As proof, Element AI received USD$102 million ($CAD137 million) in Series A funding—the most of any AI start-up in the world—only seven months after being founded.

In the company’s first year, Mr. Gagné travelled more than 800,000 km to share his unique vision for the future of AI with large businesses and help them prepare for the coming AI revolution.

A vocal proponent of AI, Mr. Gagné takes an active role in shaping its effects on business, people and society. He has advised the Canadian government as well as a number of European governments on how to safely develop AI technology and is currently the only board member of the prestigious Partnership on AI to represent a Canadian business.

Though he gives at least two AI talks per week, Mr. Gagné remains involved at the local level—he sits on the Board of Directors of Calcul Québec, an organization for high-performance research infrastructure, and is a staunch supporter of Montréal start-ups.

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