Rivo Reitmann


Deputy Director General, Estonian Tax and Customs Board

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Rivo Reitmann is the Deputy Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) since October 2016. Rivo Reitmann was the deputy director general in the capacity of Director General since January 2017 to May 2017.

Rivo Reitmann has previously worked as the head of the Service Department (2011–2016), a chief specialist of the Service Department in ETCB, a chief specialist of the Tax Department in the Estonian Tax Board and an inspector of the Tax Department in Tallinn Tax Office for Legal Entities.

Rivo Reitmann was born on 9 June 1979. He has graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Tallinn School of Economics (2001) in speciality of taxation and the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (2015) in speciality of business management.

In 2014, Rivo Reitmann was awarded the 1st Class Badge of Honour of ETCB.

The duties of the Deputy Director General are stated in the statutes of ETCB.

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